Arriving in Brighton

Brighton is 55 minutes from central London (Victoria Station), direct trains arrive very frequently.

If you are arriving at Gatwick Airport – the direct train takes less than 30 minutes If you are arriving at Heathrow Airport – National Express coaches are the best way to arrive.

Stansted Airport is another option for flights and Eurostar connects Britain to France and ferries can take you by boat across The Channel to France from Newhaven.

Remember we do offer a transfer service by private taxi – please see our transfer page.

Train Fares (01.06.18) – one way

Gatwick – Adult £10.00 / Child £5.00*

Heathrow – Adult £33.00 / Child £17.00*

Stansted – Adult £50.00 / Child £25.00*

Eurostar – Adult £34.00 / Child £17.00*

*Child age 5-15 / group tickets & discounted open return rates available

Once in Brighton you may use a taxi (£8.00 – £20.00) or the bus network (£2.00 – £5.00) to arrive at your accommodation. Please note students who book BLC taxis from the airport will be taken directly to their accommodation.