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COVID 19 Update (25.06.2020)

Opening date announced: AUGUST 3rd 2020. We are now accepting limited bookings for adult tuition only from 03.08.2020.

NEW: Junior Virtual Classroom (12-17) begins August 3rd 2020, please refer to our online courses page for more information.

Summer Vacation (12-17) & Explorer (7-11) are open for 4 weeks from 03.08.2020 – 28.08.2020 subject to confirmation (STC) on 1st July 2020.

BLC will now run an AUTUMN JUNIOR VACATION and AUTUMN FAMILY VACATION this October for our young learners!#

We are committed to high-standard sanitary measures, respecting social distancing rules and following all UK Government guidelines.

BLC has been awarded We’re Good To Go COVID-19 industry standard certification and can display the supporting mark to show we are adhering to UK Government and Public Health England guidance, have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and we have the required processes in place.

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