Football Courses with Brighton & Hove Albion Foundation (13 – 17)

Study with BLC International and train with Brighton & Hove Albion Foundation coaches at the American Express Elite Training Centre. The program focuses on a wide range of skills, drills, and tactics while the aim is to challenge the techniques essential to a player’s development.

English + Football follows a half day football training and a half day English study schedule.

Vacation + Football follows a half day football training and a half day activities / excursion schedule.

» Full board homestay accommodation
» Weekly bus pass (Monday – Sunday)
» On-line entry test
» Saturday full day excursion
» 7 night accommodation/week
» Certificate of Completion
» English tuition or activities every afternoon
» Lunch served at University of Brighton
» Football training with Brighton & Hove Albion’s Premier coaches
» Training kit provided

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English & Football Welcome Letter HERE

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English + Football Vacation + Football
Dates 24/03/24 – 31/03/24 & 30/06/24 – 28/07/24 24/03/24 – 31/03/24 & 30/06/24 – 28/07/24
Lessons per week 20 (15 hours) NA
Football Schedule 08:00 – 12:00 08:00 – 12:00
English Lessons Schedule 13:00 – 16:15 NA
Half Day Activities NA Every day
Evening Activities 3/week 3/weeks
Excursions 1 full day/week 1 full day & 1 half day/week
Class Size 18 NA
Course Materials Included NA
English Levels Elementary + Elementary +
Course Length 1-4 weeks 1-4 weeks
Age Range 13-17 13-17

Transfers for Football Students

Sunday Coach Service

BLC International provides transfers at the times below for students arriving and departing from Heathrow or Gatwick Airport on Sundays (please check the website for updates).

A BLC International representative will be waiting for students in the arrivals hall at the airport. Once the BLCI representative has collected students from the arrivals area, they are taken to a coach that is ready to go to our main school in Brighton.

Upon arrival at the school, a weekly Brighton bus pass is given to all Junior Vacation students, who are then collected by their host and taken to their new home

Please note that the Sunday Coach Service is a shared service with other students running between the airports and Brighton and students may be required to wait at the airport for up to a maximum of 4 hours* both when arriving to or leaving the UK. On departure, the Sunday Coach Service will arrive at the airport no later than 2 hours before the flight departs.

Students must book their place and provide full flight details 20 days before the course starts at the very latest, or we will not be able to guarantee a space on the coach and a private taxi will be required.

If you are arriving at another airport you will need to use our private taxi service.



Certain airlines have strict rules for students under the age of 16 travelling alone, and may require an adult to be present during the check-in and until the flight has departed. Please check your airline’s requirements when booking your flight. BLC cannot guarantee a staff member to be present unless a check-in service was booked by you.

If you would like our staff to wait at the check-in desk, please tick the box on our Junior Summer Courses application form. There is an additional £50 fee for this service.

Homestay students using the Sunday Coach Service have our staff are at the airports in purple BLC shirts and will be accompanied to Brighton and met by the host families at the school. Please see contact details below:



If you are arriving at another airport you will need to use our private taxi service.

Transfers are organised to coincide with student’s departure time (2 hours before flight departure). Students wishing to leave on an earlier coach must notify the school in advance. BLC International is not liable for any missed flights. It is advisable to arrive as early as possible at the airport. Students leaving on late flights are welcome to take the last coach to the airport with the expectation of a longer waiting time.

*: BLC reserves the right to extend this time in the case of unexpected delays.

Gatwick – Arrivals
Scheduled arrival at Gatwick Airport, students using this service must book flights that land between 09:00 and 17:30

Coach Leaves Gatwick Arrives Brighton
G1 12:00 13:00
G2 15:00 16:00
G3 18:30 17:30

Gatwick – Departures
Scheduled departure from BLC International, students must book flights to depart from 11:00

Coach Leaves Brighton Arrives Gatwick
GA 08:00 09:00
GB 11:00 12:00

Heathrow – Arrivals
Scheduled arrival at Heathrow Airport, students must book flights to land at the airport between 09:00 and 17:30

Coach Leaves Heathrow Arrives Brighton
H1 12:00 13:45
H2 15:00 16:45
H3 18:30 20:15

Heathrow – Departures
Scheduled departure from BLC International, students must book flights to depart from 12:00

Coach Leaves Brighton Arrives Heathrow
HA 08:00 09:45
HB 11:00 12:45

Safeguarding at BLC International

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is set of policies, procedures and practices employed to actively prevent harm, abuse and distress. BLC International adopts safeguarding practices within our organization to ensure our employees, students, partners and other representatives do not deliberately or unintentionally harm or abuse children or adults.

What is child safeguarding?

Child safeguarding is specifically focused on preventative actions to ensure that all children are protected from deliberate or unintentional acts that lead to the risk of or actual harm. The goal of child safeguarding is to create and maintain a safe culture that is child-focused and community-driven through sustained and meaningful engagement with children, their families, communities and all representatives.

What is BLC International’s Safeguarding policy?

You can read our Safeguarding policy here

How are BLC International staff trained in safeguarding?

All BLC International staff have completed safeguarding training, managers have further training and our welfare team complete enhanced training.

Who is the BLC International Welfare Officer?

Luke Kramer is our Welfare Officer and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) our Centre Director is also a certified DSL