Private housing is accommodation owned by individuals, or property companies who rent out to tenants or lodgers. Sometimes, private accommodation is managed directly by the property owners themselves, however, if a landlord owns many properties, they may be managed by a company specialising in lettings (rentals).

If you are in the UK for a long time, you might decide to rent a flat or get a room in a ‘house share’ with friends or strangers. The college does not offer a private accommodation service, but we can give you some suggestions of where to look:

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In Brighton, you can expect to pay approximately £300-£450 per month for a room in a shared house and £75-£150 for bills (council tax, gas, electricity, water etc). The cost of moving will depend on how you find your property; if you use an agency you may have to pay service fees of up to £200, a holding deposit (which is usually one month’s rent), plus one month’s rent in advance. This could mean £1000 before you move in.

It is common for student tenants to be asked to provide a guarantor. A guarantor is a person, often a close family member, who agrees to take responsibility for paying the rent if you cannot. You must get full permission from your guarantor before giving the landlord your details. If you do not have a UK based guarantor you may need to provide 4-6 months of rent before moving in.

Once you have calculated all costs and you can afford to move, make sure if you have to sign a contract or tenancy agreement, that you understand what you are signing and that you are being treated fairly. Bring rental contracts to the college to be read before you sign. Once you have signed a contract, you are legally responsible to pay the full rent until the end of the contract so think carefully and take advice before you sign a contract.


  • Take a friend with you to view a property for personal safety and to get a second opinion
  • Ask lots of questions to the landlord or letting agency
  • Start looking as early as possible to give yourself plenty of time
  • Don’t sign anything, such as a contract, unless you are completely happy
  • Check exactly what is included in the price of the room or flat – are bills included or will you need to pay separately? Is the furniture included?
  • Don’t pay money before signing a contract and get a receipt when handing money over

If you need any further advice or guidance about private accommodation, please ask to speak to one of the Accommodation Team at Brighton Language College International.

Please book directly with the agency/hotel, we cannot book on your behalf, however if you need our assistance please ask, we are always happy to help.