• Classes may be smaller to maintain 1 metre+ social distancing rules and classrooms will be arranged to accommodate these measures
  • Lesson will have flexible start and finish times to reduce the pressure on corridors, communal areas and public transport
  • Adult students will continue to be level tested before arrival
  • Where possible digital references will be used to avoid sharing resources
  • We will take measures to minimise the number of students and staff you have contact with, creating class bubbles where possible
  • Reduce the need for sharing of study materials by increasing stock

School Building

  • Hand sanitiser and handwashing facilities are available throughout the school for frequent use
  • The cleaning of the school will be increased to include daily disinfection of classrooms, rest rooms, break out areas, reception, common areas and offices
  • Movement around the school will be managed to ensure that social distancing is maintained
  • We will be arranging furniture at a suitable distance and provide appropriate signage showing social distance requirements
  • Students and staff will be expected to wear face coverings on public transport to and from school
  • The building will be well ventilated, and we will make use of outdoor spaces
  • We will use a one-way systems for stairs and corridors using 2 central stairwells and 3 building entrances


  • We will only be providing single room accommodation, except for family members travelling together
  • We are providing guidance to our homestays on how to keep themselves and students safe at home
  • If a student becomes unwell with COVID-19, or their host family do, we have provisions in place to ensure students can isolate safely and comfortably if needed

Social Programme / Activities

  • The Social Programme will take into account current circumstances, but will still provide students with the opportunity to make new friends and explore different cultures whilst practising their English


  • Ensure our first aiders and welfare team are all up to date with current Public Health England guidance for Covid-19
  • All staff are trained on new policy and procedure for Covid-19 safety
  • A safe space exists if symptoms develop while onsite
  • Students will be able to meet welfare and academic staff as needed either in person where appropriate (following social distancing) or online