1 Confirmation of Booking
All bookings will be confirmed (subject to availability) within 1 working day of receipt of application.

Do not to book flights or arrange any accommodation until written confirmation has been received from the college and a Letter of Acceptance has been issued. BLC is not liable for costs incurred by arranging any services if confirmation of booking has not been issued by the college.

2 Payment of Fees
A course can be reserved with full payment or a course deposit (GBP 250) which will be deducted from the total fees payable. No visa documentation will be issued until BLC receives these deposits. Full fees must be paid no later than 14 days before the start date. On receipt of your initial payment BLC will send a Letter of Acceptance to Study with an invoice for the balance of fees payable. For all late payments made after the due date a late payment fee of GBP 50 will be added. 

Courses booked less than 14 days before start date – FULL FEES PAID ON RECEIPT OF BOOKING 

If you have not paid for your course / accommodation before arrival BLC will cancel your booking and will not be held liable for any additional expenses the student may incur.

Payment by FLYWIRE is preferred – please use our secure payment service here http://brightonlanguage.flywire.com/

You can also pay by bank transfer, account name is: Brighton Language College Ltd.

Account name: Brighton Language College Ltd.

Bank Barclays Bank, 126 Station Rd, Edgware, Middx, HA8 7RY
Account number: 23340953
IBAN: GB62BUKB20293723340953
Sort Code: 20-29-37

2.1 Card-Not-Present Fraud
Card-not-present fraud is where stolen card / details are used to book a course and the customer does not physically present the card to BLC during the fraudulent transaction. In such cases where this is suspected it will be investigated and no refund will be issued until BLC is satisfied that an act of fraud has not been committed. BLC will under no circumstances refund to a bank account any fees paid, legitimate refunds to credit cards are to the credit card used only – no other means of refund from BLC are possible. 

3 Bank Charges
All Bank Charges must be paid by the student, full invoice must be paid.

4 Course Materials
All courses include the 1st text book in the Registration Fee, any further study books must be bought by the student for any changes in the course. BLC will not provide photocopies to students in place of text books. Students are permitted to buy the study materials from other sources and not the book shop, however this must be within the 1st week of the new course. Failure to buy a text book will result in exclusion form the class until the book is provided.

5 Course & Entry Levels
If after the placement test, a student is found to be below the minimum level required to start the course, BLC reserves the right to place the student on an alternative course.

6 Visas
If you require a visa you must contact the nearest British Embassy, Consulate or High Commission for conditions of all visa categories. Visa arrangement and collection is the responsibility of the student or agent.

Short-term Study Visa (6 months) – age 16+ for up to 6 months study
Short-term Study Visa (11 months) – age 16+ for up to 11 months study
Short Term Student (Child) – age under 16 for up to 6 months study

7 Services
BLC reserves the right to alter the particulars of services. This includes changes to dates, locations, facilities & courses where changes are necessary due to circumstances beyond the company’s control. Junior / Family activity schedules provided on line and in our brochure are a 1 week example and not guaranteed as the activities for the week in question. Activities / excursions may change prior to arrival due to circumstances beyond our control and for operational needs, all students receive an updated schedule on the day of arrival.

BLC reserves the right to offer alternative english courses in the event of low demand for particular dates. BLC may also use locations in alternative premises in Brighton during high season. Courses are held on continuous enrolment and are designed for entry at any week, students who wish to start from week 1 of the semester please contact the school for more information. 

8 Accommodation
Accommodation of all types is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking.

Accommodation provided is within our advertised 20 – 45 minute travel time and it is not acceptable to ask to be reallocated due to distance. BLC aims to place students in comfortable and welcoming homestays, allocated homestays cannot be rejected that are within our advertised distance.

Homestays  can be a couple, a family of 3 or 4, a single person or a retired couple. They may be vegetarian or have pets, they may live in a house or an apartment, BLC does not guarantee a mother, father & children “family” as this does not reflect UK society or culture. All homestays are checked by our team regularly and meet British Council standards for a homestay in the UK and we do not guarantee specific requests for homestay environments due to personal preferences and will not move a student who does not accept a homestay based upon unsuitability for not being a “traditional” family. BLC does not accept bookings with requests that discriminate against any sector of UK society.

If your visa has not been approved 1 week before arrival (low season) and 2 week before arrival (high season JUNE / JULY / AUGUST) accommodation is not guaranteed by BLC and you will have to make your own arrangements for your accommodation needs until accommodation can be arranged. 

In High Season this will require arrangements being made for the entire high season period in most cases. You will be placed with a homestay after arrival at the earliest convenience. Payments for accommodation made are not used under these circumstances will be refunded.

Failure to provide BLC with medical or dietary information which results in a request for a change of accommodation before or after arrival will result in an additional £35 charged to the student.

No requests to reallocate accommodation once allocated before arrival will be allowed except on medical grounds. Failure to provide BLC with medical or dietary information which results in a request for a change of accommodation before or after arrival will be charged £35 Administration Fee.

For shared accommodation you must book with a friend, BLC is unable to guarantee shared accommodation through the year and will place you in single room accommodation and bill at that rate.

Shared accommodation is defined a room which has 2 or more beds, the majority have 2 but some triple and quadruple rooms are available and may be used in extra-ordinary circumstances.

BLC acts as an intermediary in apartment lettings, hotel and hostel bookings and cannot be held liable for any extra charges, complaints, misrepresentations, disputes, breakages or actions between the letting agency / hotel and customer. Any disputes must be taken up directly with the letting agency / hotel, not with BLC.

BLC reserves the right to cancel accommodation immediatley for students in circumstances where hosting is no longer a viable option. This includes abusive or disruptive behaviour at the home stay or school, BLC will attempt to resolve the situation, this may include moving to a new homestay of BLC’s discretion which may / may not the original booking requirements (no refunds). We are not obliged to host students who clearly display a lack of respect for the homestay providers, students who are removed from accommodation in such circumstances will need to arrange alternative accommodation (juniors will be sent home).

Students who are asked to move out from homestays 2 times due to continuing behavioural issues BLC retains the right to not continue to provide accommodation for the student, refunds will be issued as per our terms and conditions and the student will be responsible for arranging their own accommodation.

Home-stay accommodation allocations reserves the right to place students in home-stays that to do not fully match requests when necessary due to, but not restricted to, operational needs, changes in arrival dates, changes in availability, requests for twin / single rooms, availability of half board / breakfast only, location in Brighton, shared occupancy in the same house as another student or preferences for no pets. BLC’s primary concern is to ensure all students are housed on arrival. Refunds will be issued if there is a difference in the price of the accommodation. Please note that all accommodation is Sunday to Sunday, arrivals and departures outside of this window will mean the student staying in private accommodation arranged independently.

Homestays are reserved from 17:00 on arrival day and students are asked to have vacated their rooms by 11:00 on departure days. Requests for availability outside of these times is not guaranteed. Junior Vacation arrivals during high season may be requested to wait at the college with BLC staff until the homestay is available on that day.

Please refer to our anti-discrimination policy when booking accommodation through BLC, changes or requests which are in violation of the Equality Act 2010 will not be tolerated and accommodation will be cancelled and BLC will not be responsible for housing the student.

9 Changes to Accommodation (After Arrival)
Changes to accommodation which incur a taxi fee for transferring from accommodation to school / accommodation are payable by the student(s) in all cases except where BLC has moved the student(s) due to circumstances beyond the control of the company and this has been authorised in advance by management.

When a homestay move is offered due to complaints raised by the student/leader/agent/parent regarding the current accommodation and refused by the student/leader/agent/parent  no refund/compensation will be given should there be a claim against BLC regarding the accommodation provided.

10 Changes of Enrolments
BLC reserves the right to charge an Administration Fee (GBP 25) each time a course are changed or cancelled after a place has been confirmed. There is no Administration Fee for students who wish to increase the number of lessons per week or an extension to stay (changes must comply with any visa restrictions you have). Students under 18 who wish to amend their course will need to be confirmed in writing by their parent, agent or guardian.

11 Age
General English & Exam courses are open to anyone 16 years or above; Business 18+ and 40 Plus 40+; junior vacation courses 12 – 17 years old; Global Leadership 14-17 years old; Explorer 5 – 11 years old; Safari 7 – 11 years old; 1 to 1 tuition is available to 12 years old and above. Closed groups are tailor made and are subject to their own age restrictions.

12 Changes to Airport Transfers
Any change to airport transfers must be sent to admissions@brightonlc.co.uk at least 2 full working days before the designated date and time of arrival. If notice is not received an additional charge (GBP 25) will apply.

13 Airport Transfers
Airport transfer fees include 1 hour waiting time from the scheduled time the flight has landed. Where waiting time exceeds one hour students will be charged GBP 30/hour.

14 Accident & Medical Insurance
All students must have appropriate medical and travel insurance.

15 Study Materials
All courses include an initial (one copy) of a text book on arrival. Lost or damaged text books are the responsibility of the student to replace. Additional course books @ GBP 35 (estimate).

16 Duration of Lessons
One lesson is 45 minutes. Breaks between lessons will not always observe this pattern. Class schedules will, in total, be of the agreed length (e.g. 3 hours / day) but may be broken into a 3 x 60 minute pattern with 2 breaks or a 2 x 90 minute pattern with 1 break. 20 lessons – 15 hours / 26 lessons – 19.5 hours / 30 lessons = 22.5 hours /32 lessons – 24 hours.

17 Refund Policy 
BLC does not give cash refunds, any refunds will be made by credit card only to the credit card used to make payment or bank transfer to the account which the fees were originally paid from. BLC will not refund to a 3rd party or through alternate channels under any circumstances. BLC will not be liable for any bank charges or currency fluctuations. 

18 Pre-Arrival Test
All students on Adult courses are to pre-test on line, failure to do so will mean day 1 of the course will be a written test and the course will commence from day 2. The online test is available from the homepage or here

19 Cancellation Policy (please refer to 46 for COVID19 updated refund policy)
All cancellations must be made in writing, the following rules apply, “arrival” by definition is the agreed arrival date to the UK or the Sunday before course commencement if no arrival information is provided.

20 Deferral Policy 
After booking with BLC students may defer, prior to arrival, up to 6 months once at the discretion of BLC by written agreement only. Bookings may not be deferred once again and BLC’s cancellation policy will be followed should the course not commence within the agreed deferral period.

21 Non Transferable
Fees are not transferrable between students once payment has been made to the school. Fees for group tuition cannot be transferred to 1 to 1 tuition.

22 Non Refundable
Registration Fee (GBP 65), Accommodation Search Fee (GBP 35), Student Insurance (GBP 14/pw) & Express Mail (GBP 65), Bank Charges & Airport Transfer Fee are non refundable.

23 Tuition Refunds (cancel before arrival – individual bookings)
Cancellations received in writing more than 21 days before the course start date – 100% of tuition fees will be refunded (less any “Non Refundable before Arrival” fees + GBP 25 Administration Fee). Cancellations received in writing less than 21 days before the course start date cancellation fee GBP 250 + GBP 25 Administration Fee + (22) non refundable fees. Cancellations received less than 14 days before the course starts – non-refundable.

24 Accommodation Refunds (cancel before arrival – individual bookings) 
Cancellations received more than 21 days before the accommodation arrival date – 100% of accommodation fees will be refunded (less any “non Refundable before Arrival” fees). Cancellations received less than 14 days before the course starts – non-refundable.

25 Tuition Refunds (cancel after arrival – individual bookings)
Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable, and cannot be transferred to another student / school. Group course tuition fees for cancelled weeks cannot be converted to private tuition.

26 Accommodation Refunds (cancel after arrival – individual bookings)
Any student in host family accommodation who wishes to cancel accommodation must give at least 2 weeks notice to the school. All charges and cancellations will take effect from Sunday only, and not from mid-week. This Sunday will be calculated as the first Sunday after 7 days notice. Hotel & private apartments are non refundable and cannot be changed. An Administration Fee of GBP 25 per person will be deducted from the refund. Refunds will be paid within 28 days of the cancellation, paid by bank transfer with any bank charges paid by the destination bank account holder. Any student who chooses to leave the homestay during their stay without notice or without following standard cancellation procedures BLC will be under no obligation to rehouse the student and no refund will be given.

27 Group / Study Tour Bookings
All groups must be confirmed with a £1000 deposit to secure places

Payment must be made at the latest 14 days prior to arrival. Under no circumstances must payment be made while groups are present at the school or after groups have departed. Failure to provide payment before group arrival will result in cancellation of all services including (but not exclusive to) airport transfers, classes and homestay accommodation. Payments should be made in pounds sterling (£)

28 Group / Study Tour Bookings – Cancellations
Cancellations received in writing more than 14 days before course start date 100% tuition fees will be refunded less the £1000 deposit.
Cancellations received in writing less than 14 days before course start date are non-refundable

29 Group / Study Tour Bookings – Group Deferrals / Change of Dates
Groups may defer within a period of 9 months from initial arrival date. All deposits and full fees will be held until this time.
Deferrals received in writing more than 14 days before course start date 100% of fees will be moved to the new deferral date.
Deferrals received in writing less than 14 days before course start date 100% of fees will be moved to the new deferral date and an additional 20% charge will be added to the group fee.
Any new students wishing to participate into the deferred group may do so at the initial group cost.

30 Visa Refusal
If a visa application is rejected after payment has been received full tuition & accommodation fees less Administration Fee (GBP 25), Registration Fee (GBP 65), Accommodation Search Fee (GBP 35), Student Insurance (GBP 14/pw) and Express Mail (GBP 65) will be refunded within 28 days, provided a visa refusal letter is received by our Admissions Centre at least 2 working days before the course is due to start.

31 Refusal of Entry – UK Border Force
A student who is detained at the point of entry to the UK and is refused entry is not eligible for a refund. BLC complies with UK Border Force rules regarding illegal entry to the UK and assists fully in any investigation.

32 Holidays
BLC is closed on all UK Public Bank Holidays – Please note: Junior Vacation (10.04.20 / 13.04.20) /  Family Vacation (10.04.20 / 13.04.20) / English & Culture 40+ (08.05.20) these courses will run. No discounts or refunds are given for tuition fees on Non teaching Public Holidays. BLC is closed over Christmas week. All intakes are on Mondays, in the event of a public holiday intake will take place on Tuesday of that week.

BLC is closed 23.12.19 – 03.01.20 / 10.04.20 – 13.04.20 / 08.05.20 / 25.05.20 / 31.08.20 / 24.12.20 – 01.01.21. Group tuition on these dates will still be charged unless a holiday has been booked. One to One tuition will be rescheduled.

33 Student Holidays
Only full weeks can be granted, no partial weeks or single days will be granted. Holidays can only be classified as “Excused Absences” or students can extend the course finish date to compensate for the week vacation. Holiday allowance is calculated as follows: 11 weeks = 1 week holiday / 22 weeks = 2 weeks holiday / 33 weeks = 3 weeks holiday / 44 weeks = 4 weeks holiday. 1-4 day requests are not transferable to extend the course. It is your responsibility to check visa regulations if you are planning to leave the UK during your break.

34 Attendance Policy
Brighton Language College has a 100% attendance policy. This is marked for each lesson session. If students are sick or cannot come to school, students must contact the school by phone (+44(0)1273 647370). 3 lates = 1 absence for attendance, students who do not attain 80% attendance will not receive a Certificate of Completion.

35 Reissuing lost / misplaced student certificates
Paper reprint GBP 25 / Electronic files GBP 10

36 Resolution of Disputes
In the event of a dispute between an individual student and the school, procedures are in place to facilitate the resolution of the dispute – please see our Complaints Policy. Any complaint should first be made to the department to which it relates or school director. Each complaint will be fully investigated provided that it is received within 4 weeks of the course ending and all fees have been paid. If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily the student should complain in writing to The British Council.

37 Liability
BLC does not accept liability where full disclosure of medical conditions and allergies has not been made. Nor does it accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property, except where law imposes such liability. The student or agent is liable for any costs incurred by BLC as a result of non communicated changes to the details of the booking.

38 Student Insurance
Student insurance can be supplied via guard.me, all claims must be made directly with the insurer. Students are not required to take out insurance as part of the booking, however BLC strongly recommends that medical insurance (via any provider) is taken out prior to departure for the UK. Student Insurance is non refundable.

39 Validity of Prices
Prices are valid from 1 January 2020. Price are subject to change without notice. For current prices please refer to www.brightonlc.co.uk or contact the school directly.

40 Expulsion from BLC
At the discretion of the director BLC reserves the right to expel from school and/or remove from accommodation arranged by BLC any student whose conduct is unacceptable. This includes but not limited to possession or consumption of illegal drugs, alcohol consumption on site, anti-social behaviour, smoking in restricted areas, causing malicious damage to accommodation or school premises, threatening students or staff, breaking school rules or local laws. Allegations which result in removal from homestay will render the student unhostable pending investigation, students will need to make private arrangements in the interim. No fees will be refunded in expulsion cases and any unpaid fees will become payable immediately. Students (or parents or guardians where applicable) agree to pay tuition fees and other charges for the course by the dates due. It is understood and agreed that failure to pay may result in cancellation of the enrolment, upon which BLC’s standard cancellation policy would apply.

41 Promotional Activities
Students (or parents or guardians, where applicable) agree that BLC is authorized to use the students’ photos, videos, quotes and details of achievements for promotional activities. Photography of classes or outdoor activities by international partner study travel agencies is also authorized for promotional activities without written consent or notification from students (or parents or guardians, where applicable) when authorised by BLC.

42 Accreditation
Brighton Language College is registered with Accreditation UK (The British Council) and is registered for Short-term Study Visa (6 month), Short-term Study Child Visa and Short-term Study Visa (11 month) sponsorship. BLC has chosen not to register as a Tier 4 sponsor with the UKVI as we do not provide university pathway or foundation programs.

43 Junior Courses
Parents / legal guardians authorize their child to participate in all aspects of the program organised by BLC. In cases of expulsion students will be sent home at the parents expense and without refund. BLC does not provide supervision for students 16 years old who have booked adult courses only. Junior Vacation courses include study materials, lunches & weekly bus passes in the course price shown. Lost bus passes are to be replaced at the students expense. Bus passes are at £21.00/week (Jan 2020). All Junior Vacation packages include shared room accommodation at a homestay in the advertised price.

Junior Vacation

  • Autumn Vacation 04.10.20 – 01.11.20
  • Winter 17.01.21 – 07.02.21
  • Spring Vacation / Spring Global Leadership 21.03.21 – 18.04.21
  • Summer Vacation / Summer Global Leadership 06.06.21 – 29.08.21

Family Vacation

  • Explorer 22.03.21 – 27.08.21
  • Safari 22.03.21 – 16.04.21 / 07.06.21 – 27.08.21

44 Parental Consent
Please refer to our document: 2018 Parental Consent for students under 18

45 Junior Sunday Coach Transfers
For Junior Vacation (age 12-17) courses BLC provides airport transfers (Sunday Coach Transfers) on Sundays only from Gatwick & Heathrow. Transfers run on Sundays between 10:00 -19:00 (arrivals) & 08:00 – 17:00 (departures), all prices for teens are based on arrival and departure on Sundays. Please refer to our Junior Vacation page for more details. If you wish to use this service please see the supplements on the website. Flight details must be provided 14 days before arrival or there is no guarantee of the coach transfer service and students will have to arrange a taxi transfer through the school (please see main price list). Flights arriving at other airports are required to use taxi transfers. Our staff members are unable to wait at check in desk with your child, airlines usually require under 14s to be checked in by an adult, please book the unaccompanied minor service (UMS) @ GBP 65 with BLC if you need this service.

46 COVID-19 Cancellation Policy – upadted 17.08.2020

FUTURE STUDENTS (booked after 17.08.2020)

Our flexible policy gives you complete confidence when you book with a no fee refund guarantee during these uncertain times.

BLC does not charge fees should you choose to cancel your course due the current climate for international travel.

Fees are 100% refundable up to the Friday before your arrival date, written confirmation of cancellation must be received by the day.
Students may defer their course at no additional fee 
All fees are refundable except for Registration Fees. Any charges for money transfers are deducted from the refund.



Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable
Students can defer the remainder of their course and recommence within 12 months effective from the beginning of the week they leave.


Refunds are effective from the first Sunday after they leave. Students leaving mid-week will forfeit the whole week.
Accommodation refunds to be paid once we have returned to work following the lifting of government restrictions 

46 Equal Opportunities and Discrimination (Equality Act 2010)

BLC is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities through the way we manage the organisation and provide services to our staff and students. In order to express this commitment, we develop, promote and maintain policies that will be conductive to the principles of fairness and equality.

The Equality Act 2010 protected characteristics are:

Age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race , religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

In valuing diversity BLC is committed to go beyond the legal minimum regarding equality. BLC management recognises and encourages diversity, acceptance and equality. Discrimination will not be tolerated or accepted with regards to any aspect of BLC’s services.